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Allan Mauldin Staff Photo

Allan Mauldin graduated from Howell High School (Farmingdale, New Jersey) in 1980. He earned a B.S. in Commerce and Business Administration and a M.S. in Secondary Ed from Jacksonville State University.


Mr. Mauldin began teaching in 1996. His first teaching job was at Anniston High School in Alabama. He came to Piedmont High School in 2004. Mr. Mauldin wanted to become a teacher due to his passion for history. He also wants to impact newer generations with his teachings. Mr. Mauldin is the announcer for Piedmont football, and he does the stats and bookkeeping for basketball and baseball. As the Senior Sponsor, Mr. Mauldin is the graduation coordinator, and the administer of 3P (Piedmont Promise Project).

Mr. Mauldin is married to Janet Chaney Mauldin, a teacher at Piedmont Elementary School. He and his wife raise their niece Olivia who attends Piedmont Middle School. His favorite quote is, “Facts are stubborn things” - Ronald Reagan.