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Seniors Begin 3P
Posted On:
Tuesday, September 04, 2018

In order to enhance and strengthen our seniors, Piedmont High School has instituted a senior project… the Piedmont Promise Project (3P).  3P is a journey of self-awareness, personal growth and personal responsibility. 3P is designed to prepare students for college and/or the workforce via research, reflection and communal experience. 3P is Career Prep B, which is required for graduation.

Students will develop their own project around their high school academics, career interests, college major interest, and community service. The project is an excellent way for students to explore an area of interest, while practicing the valuable skills of time management, organization, communication, goal setting and decision-making. It combines academic knowledge and real life experience with higher order thinking and planning. The outcome of this equation is that students feel more prepared for career, college and, ultimately, their adult lives. Students will present their 3P project in a Senior Showcase in April 2019.

As a result of participating in the project, many students may figure out their college majors, make important professional contacts, and some may even set up future jobs or internships. Others may benefit emotionally and psychologically as a result of volunteering their time to help in their community. In other words, 3P is a culmination or “cap stone” of a student’s learning experience at PHS and represents the skills that all students should master before receiving a high school diploma.


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