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Piedmont Promise Project/ 3P
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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Piedmont Promise Project/ 3P



In order to enhance and strengthen our seniors, Piedmont High School will institute a senior project… the Piedmont Promise Project (3P). 3P is a journey of self-awareness, personal growth and personal responsibility. 3P is designed to prepare students for college and/or the workforce via research, reflection and communal experience. Students will design their own project around their high school academics, career interests, college major interest, and community service. The project is an excellent way for students to explore an area of interest, while practicing the valuable skills of time management, organization, communication, goal setting and decision-making. It combines academic knowledge and real life experience with higher order thinking and planning. The outcome of this equation is that students feel more prepared for career, college and, ultimately, their adult lives.

As a result of participating in the project, many students may figure out their college majors, make important professional contacts, and some may even set up future jobs or internships. Others may benefit emotionally and psychologically as a result of volunteering their time to help in their community. In other words, 3P is a culmination or “cap stone” of a student’s learning experience at PHS and represents the skills that all students should master before receiving a high school diploma.



Areas of focus


Guiding Question: How has school influenced your decision what you will be doing in the next stage of your life?

  • Reflection on your hopes for a career or job after high school
    - Describe whether you are planning on going to a college or university, a vocational program, joining the workforce, joining the armed forces, or any other option
    - What career or interest will you be pursuing after high school?
    - Why are you interested in this career?
    - What are the educational requirements?

- How can I best achieve this goal?
- What alternative plans have you considered?

- What will my finances look like?

  • Either a completed copy of a college application
    -The Common Application is available online at
    -OR You may use a copy of an application sent to a college or university
    -You must include a copy of your college essay (250-500 words)
  • Scholarship applications (Minimum of 3) and Complete FASFA form
  • Create a LinkedIn account and manage it
  • Completed application for employment
  • Complete a Resume
  • Include a copy of results of a career interest inventory
  • List of any employment experience you have
  • Two letters of recommendation or reference (Choose from the following options)
    - A letter could be from a community member or former employer
    - A letter from a PHS faculty member


Guiding Question: In what ways will you use what you have learned in high school to help you succeed in life?

  • Reflection on your high school years – include your answers to the following questions as well as the guiding question above
    - What are your strengths as a learner?
    - How can you use those strengths to do what you want in life?
    - What have you learned about learning during your years in high school?
    -Include a story about a particular class in which what you learned really seemed to make sense to you.
  • Transcript
  • Learning Style Assessment
  • Include your best piece of work from senior year in high school
    - This could be photograph, A digital representation Or another piece of work
  • List of clubs and/or extra-curricular activities in which you participated
    - Make a list for each of your years in high school
    - Include only school-related activities in this section
    - Be sure to include any offices held or honors received


Community Service

Guiding Question: What does it mean to be an involved member of the community and a contributing citizen?

  • Reflection on your involvement in the community
    - Describe your community experiences, the places you volunteered, the work you did, and the people you met.
    - Describe what you have learned from your non-high school activities?
  • List any community service activities in which you have participated in over your high school career.
  • List any community-based activities (ex… church group) in which you participated
    - Make a list for each of your years in high school
    - Be sure to include any offices held or honors received
  • A handwritten letter of thanks to someone in the community or school that has helped you during your years in high school



1.     This is a digital portfolio… But you may want to keep a “paper” copy of things you produce… Students should to be organized in their project.

2.     3P is mandatory and will be scored on a PASS/FAIL basis. Your project must meet a PASS standard in order for the student to participate in graduation activities. Rubrics for the reflections will be available in January 2015.

3.     Seniors will present 3P projects at an Exit Interview. The Exit Interview will occur in April of 2015. The Principal will select the Exit Interview Panel in March 2015. It may consist of teachers, administrators, other school personnel and / or community members.

4.     The Exit Interview Panel, using rubrics for Reflections, Content and the Interview, will score projects. Rubrics will be available during the Spring 2015 semester.

5.     Your Teacher Advisor may have input and can make suggestions.

6.     Your Senior Advisor will meet with, motivate and help seniors become “interview ready” through regular meetings.

7.     The project can, and should, be completed in phases… Ex… LinkedIn account established by Sept. 1. Seniors will have a check off sheet that is kept by the student and Senior Advisor and checked off as portions are completed. The Check off sheet, entire project including Reflections, will be submitted to the Exit Interview Panel for review approximately one week prior to the student’s Exit Interview.

8.     Students who do not meet the established PASS criteria for the Exit Interview will have approximately two weeks to bring their project up to standard and will be granted a “second chance” interview in May 2015. Those still in need of a “last chance” interview will have that interview five days after the “second chance” interview.

9.     Seniors are strongly recommended to have a flash drive solely for their project.

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