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National Honor Society

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National Honor Society: In order to become a candidate for membership in the NHS, a student must first meet the scholastic requirement of an 88% cumulative average based on a weighted scale.


Quality points are assigned according to the following formula:



A ‑ 5              A ‑ 4         A ‑ 3

B ‑ 4              B ‑ 3         B ‑ 2

C ‑ 3              C ‑ 2         C ‑ 1

D ‑ 2              D ‑ 1         D – 0


In order not to penalize those students who choose to take advanced subjects, the required 88% is calculated on a 4 point scale ‑ 88% = 3.50. Advance credit subjects include all Advance Placement English, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, and Spanish courses.


Non‑academic classes are as follows: physical education, band, and art.


A list of those students in grades 10-12 who meet the scholastic requirements is presented to the faculty. The faculty rates students from 1 (weak) to 4 (very superior) on qualities ofleadership, character, citizenship, and service.


The scholarship rating is scored as follows: 3.76 ‑ 4 = 4 3.50 ‑3.75 =3. The Faculty Council will consider these evaluations. The Faculty Council will then vote on each candidate. Candidates receiving a majority vote of the council will be invited for induction.

All clubs shall operate under their established bylaws that have been approved by the club members, advisors, and administration. State or national bylaws of said clubs shall supersede in authority those of the local club, unless specifically stated by the state or national bylaws and so long as the school club is a member of the state or national body. These bylaws shall be made available on the school website or by the club sponsor should they be requested by a parent, guardian, or student.