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Mr.  Horace  Bramblett
Job Coach

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Job Coach

Mr. Bramblett is from Piedmont, Alabama and graduated from Piedmont HIgh School.  He has been an industrial manufacturing manager, a retail manager and a sales manager for major corporations. He served as the human resource manager for SBI, so he was highly qualified to be the Job Coach at Piedmont High School after serving a role as physical education instructor at Piedmont Elementary School for three years. This is his 18th year as the Job Coach at Piedmont High School. He also serves as the attendance officer.  He enjoys his role here which requires him to multi-task on a daily basis. He greatly enjoys working with young people.  What he likes most about Piedmont High School is the people that he surrounds himself with love for this institution and will do what is required so that everyone that attends PHS has the opportunity to be successful. He loves winning and here we win, which makes everyone happy.  His greatest joy in life is seeing young people set a goal and watching them work to achieve it. His favorite quote is “Humble yourself when you win, have resolve when you don’t and always treat others like you want to be treated at all times. Do this and people won't dread to see you coming.”  Horace Bramblett, Sr